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17 Nov 2017
100 Pcs

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The agenda book is the book used to record incoming mail within a year. The Agenda Book can also control an event. Starting from individuals, students, students to office workers usually use the agenda book. Various types of models, color bookcase size available on the market. For the cover can be made of materials PU, Sponge, Batik, Paper and others. The agenda book can be used as a promotional item for the company on anniversary events, events, or corporate promotional activities.

Book Promotion Agenda low price

Elite Cover Agenda selling Book Promotional Agenda with low prices for your company needs. This book can be used as promotional item of your company. Elite Cover Agenda provides the best quality agenda book with agenda cover made of cotton or foreign leather. We accept custom agenda orders. Model and color according to client choice. Min qty 100 pcs

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